Many Shades of Green


Sustainability is defined as the quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance. Businesses are looking into options for development and practices that allow for successful operations without compromising the future. For corporations this means taking into account social and environmental effects as well as the economic costs. 

There is  wide range of programs to  and choose from on the way to becoming a green business. Box & Bottle will work with property management to select best options and incorporate most effective and efficient programs wisely into daily operations. 

  • Recycling and Waste Management 

  • Energy & Water Efficiency 

  • Material Conservation & Reuse 

  • Waste Reduction 

  • Proper Disposal of Hazardous and E-Waste 

  • Green Room Features 

  • Green Design & Products  

Creating and implementing a waste reduction and recycling program goes beyond reducing costs and complying with NYC 2030 Zero Waste goals. Implementing well-defined sustainability programs will help to conserve natural resources and ensure better communities with the added benefit of cost savings. Additionally, visible sustainability programs enhance the corporation’s reputation, for customers and staff.

Box & Bottle NYC will work with the property to generate concrete and measurable results in which can be calculated in parameters of cost savings, diversion rates, waste volumes and employee hours.

We navigate the market and all local, state and federal requirements necessary to comply with changing environmental regulations customized to building area scope, staffing and utilization. We have the experience, insight and strategies necessary to keep your property in step with all guidelines and industry standards. 


Successful Implementation

The key to program success are effective education and communication with guests, employees, tenants and vendors. Box & Bottle NYC will assist with the coordination and implementation of the required and recommended programs, procedural changes and more importantly continue green team and awareness programs:

• Target areas with greatest potential for waste prevention. 

• Implement easiest and most obvious steps. 

• Work with key department heads to implement policy changes. 

• Educate staff and publicize programs. 

• Measure and tabulate changes in waste volumes. 

In addition to reducing waste, implementing the required regulations can save money on waste removal and help increase employee morale and customer satisfaction.  It is also key to enhancing the company’s image becoming a more sustainable property. To make your program a success, we follow this proven guideline: 


• Conduct a complete audit of all spaces within your company foot print.

• Create property-wide plan for waste generating and holding areas as well as  collection and transport procedures.

• Train and keep employees informed.

• Monitor and adjust procedures consistently.

• Track volumes of all materials, progress and participation.

• Fine-tune practices, waste management service, equipment and operations.

• Evaluate removal systems, performance and costs.

• Pinpoint areas with success and those in need of support.

Its time to cut the waste and increase recycling!