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Regulations Compliance

You have questions - we have answers... along with the tools, insight and support  needed to comply with recycling and waste management regulations.  

Managing and reducing your business' waste makes good environmental and financial sense. Recycling is the law and now enforceable in all departments and outlets. 

With over 20 years experience in the hospitality industry, our work is aimed at providing you  with detailed environmental advice uniquely tailored to hospitality operations.  This enables us to exceed customer expectations and maintain foremost level of service for a prestigious list of New York City properties. 

 • Save time and employee hours
  managing and researching projects.

•   Receive up to date advice on all city, state and federal regulations.

•  Reduce violations, penalties and  waste removal costs.

• Increase diversion rate and efficiency.

• Improve operations and sanitation.

• Increase safety and save time. 

Sustainable Operations

Box & Bottle NYC has the unique expertise in managing all the moving  parts of hospitality operations to reduce environmental impact, improve performance and the bottom line. 

Recycling - Numerous options for disposal of regulated materials are available. We will evaluate best options and work with key department heads and staff to coordinate procedures and equipment. 

Waste Management - Designing an effective waste removal plan starts with evaluating procedures, equipment, volumes and service in place - making changes wherever necessary to improve operations. We will work with your vendors to coordinate an optimum plan and any necessary equipment to supports your sustainability plan and budget. 

Awareness - Guests and employees will benefit from understanding the property’s green policies and procedures. Box & Bottle will provide on-going support, training and awareness building activities for all key areas. 

Maintenance - Successful programs require management. We will oversee and monitor the property to ensure all implemented procedures and systems stay on track.

Reporting - Measure your success and all diverted materials generated in the building. You will receive regular reports detailing waste, recyclables and organics volumes as well as regulated and hazardous materials often required for corporate accountability. 

Donation - Many benefits can be gained from donating supplies, furnishings and equipment. In addition to helping many worthy organizations and reducing trash that goes to the landfill, the property will be able to avoid disposal fees.

Measurable Results

The key to program success are effective education and communication with guests, employees, tenants and vendors. Educating guests and staff about green programs also enhance company image.  

Box & Bottle NYC will assist with the coordination and implementation of the required and recommended programs, procedural changes and more importantly continue green team and awareness programs.

We navigate the market and all local, state and federal requirements necessary to comply with changing environmental regulations customized to building area scope, staffing and utilization.

We have the experience, insight and tools necessary to keep your property in step with all guidelines and ensure program success.

• Monitor procedures consistently.

• Track volumes and participation.

• Fine-tune practices and routines.

• Stay informed on market performance and costs.

• Pinpoint areas with success and those in need of support. 


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